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Parents as Partners

Your partnership matters.

When parents contribute their talents and time to a classroom and the school,  this contribution becomes a source of growth and transformation for both the family and the school.  Through partnership we build meaningful connections with each other, celebrate life’s joys and tackle life’s challenges, and together grow as a community.

In particular, your relationship with your child’s teachers impacts your child.  Parents and teachers who partner utilize shared knowledge to support and educate the child.  As the famous educator Barbara Biber writes, “…the child lives one life.  He does not shed his home self when he enters the school door.  It should not be possible for him to leave his school self out on the front porch when he returns home.”


We want to hear from you!

We welcome any information and insight you feel comfortable sharing about your child’s personality, personal history, and home life.  And feel free to ask your child’s teachers to share anecdotes to better understand your own child and to solicit help with problem-solving around challenges.  Ongoing collaboration enables all of us to gain a more authentic and complete understanding of a child’s identity, needs and interests, and development.

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